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A short yet sweet game with an interesting mechanic!!

Ohh I really like this game's mechanic!! I really wasn't expecting the little "drag along", it really adds to the whole game because it makes you have to think ahead!! And the fact that you can't damage the bars really makes it for some clutch moments
I also really enjoy the difficulty increase after a bit, because it doesn't matter if you have the most bullets and highest damage because the enemies are coming in big waves and at different speeds, turning the game into more of dodging and weaving while managing to kill

The game starts with a funky control scheme, which is nice to have, but it quickly becomes repetitive. The spawn points of the enemies are always the same, at the same speed and same interval between spawning, as well as the fact that one can just spam bullets and spin in place.

That being said though, for a first game this is not too bad!! These are just some tips for interesting gameplay and I hope that you keep making stuff in the future!!

Archcee5 responds:


A pretty neat lil puzzle game!! I enjoy that some actions can't be done until you find clues, it makes it so that you're not brute-forcing anything. Nice atmosphere and not-so-hard puzzles but they still make you think

mactyre responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game :)

Well, I just have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this game!! Its simple isometric design is greatly complemented by the puzzle aspect of it. The introduction of new mechanics is fun, since it greatly contrasts the difficulty of the level before it and gives you a small bit to rest before being blasted by more difficult challenges.
Another thing I very much enjoyed was the deceptiveness of some levels, since there would be many times in which I would try to figure out a way to make it work following a certain pattern, but a bit of experimenting would reveal a very different answer.
Overall, a very fun little puzzle game :D

This game is awesome!! Even though it's very simple, the way the controls work combined with wall bounciness and star magnetism AND a very fun silly tune make it a nice game to kill time!! And of course, the gradual difficulty change is great

fabtjar responds:

Cheers for your kind words!

So not only does it have cutscenes with voice acting, which fucking EXCEEDS my expectations, but it also adds a little to the lore and character building? Jesus fuck, every new update makes my love for this game become bigger than before, I seriously can't wait to see what's next

When you enter the shop you can't do anything else


Press space

Cheese platforms do not reappear once they go out of the screen

datOlly825 responds:

thanks for the feedback, I will try my best to fix it.

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